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Vitamin D3 is crucial vitamin for everyone. No exceptions. This vitamin acts as not only a vitamin but a hormone and enzyme in the body. 

Why use it?
  1. Vitamin D helps keep your immune system healthy
  2. Helps your body absorb calcium and phosphorus
  3. Regulates your cardiovascular system (helps prevent strokes, heart attacks, high BP, etc)
  4. Helps regulate thyroid levels.
  5. Manages stress.
  6. Supports Weight loss.
  7. Anti-Cancer.
  8. Helps regulate blood sugar.
  9. Helps regulate blood pressure.
  10. Helps prevent or slow down Alzheimer's.
  11. Helps with Osteoporosis

What your levels should be?
Between 50-80 nanograms per milliliter. The average American's D3 level is 20. Traditional MDs and labs will say your range needs to be between 20-100 which is a huge range. In order for your body/immune system to do anything listed above your levels need to be at a minimum 50.

New Evidence that supports why your children should also be tested
Pediatricians don't typically do blood work on children but the American Heart Association completed research this summer that concluded low vitamin D levels in children have a 60% higher risk of developing high blood pressure in later childhood/adolescent (6-18 yrs). If the child had consistently low vitamin D3 levels the chance of developing high blood pressure doubled. High Blood Pressure leads to all sorts of cardiovascular illnesses. As parents it's our responsibility to foster our children's health so they can thrive and become healthy, productive adults. 

When & what to get tested:
December- January is the best time to get your family's vitamin D3 levels. If it was low begin supplements and have it retested in April-May.

Ask your PCP for a test called 25-hydroxy vitamin D testing OR just tell them you want to test vitamin D3 levels.

Foods to help boost vitamin D3 levels:
  1. Eggs (whole egg)
  2. Fatty fish (mackeral, salmon, tuna)
  3. Herring
  4. Sardines
  5. A quality cod live oil 
  6. Oysters
  7. Mushroom

Do not use foods fortified with vitamin D because it typically uses vitamin D2 which is most effectively metabolized by plants and not humans. This vitamin D2 is typically a GMO, synthetic and builds up in the system causing toxicity. Vitamin D3 is 300x's more effective then D2
Most children don't eat anything on this list so supplementation is a must!


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